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I'm a fashion and interior designer based in Charlotte, NC  - although of late I have been solely focused on the fashion design, which at this point in my life is most enjoyable for me and brings me happiness.

There are three steps to create a garment - First step is to come up with the creative idea and concept - The second step is to construct the pattern serving to cut the fabric - The third step is the actual cutting and assembly of the fabric including of course the sewing.

Each step presents its own unique challenges and I enjoy them all - it requires using not only the creative part of the mind but also an attention to details and problem solving. Its a wonderful immersion to a world where I don't feel the time pass.

Everything you see on my website was created and developed by me from start to finish - on all three levels I just described - so I am in essence a one person show. 

I hope you enjoy looking through this website.
I would like to thank the models & photographers who have made this possible -
Jeremy Warner, Don Porter and Mario Aubyn.
Please support the Charlotte Seen and their events including the annual Charlotte Fashion Week.

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